Sophie Difusco


Why See.Sophie.Spark?

Hi See.Spark.Go team. I would be a wonderful addition to your family because I am all about working hard and playing hard. From the Open House alone, I know that See.Spark.Go is a welcoming place with a stand-out team of hardworking and happy people. I am generally interested in an internship for the invaluable experience that one offers, but I am interested in interning at See.Spark.Go specifically for the amplified experience that comes with a community of uplifting people.

I serve on the Public Relations Student Society of America's executive board as Director of Finance and Outreach, on Rescue Paws UGA's exeuctive board as Social Media Coordinator, UGA Miracle's Marketing Leadership Team as a Graphics Assistant Chair, and on Rouge Magazine's digital content team as a Digital Content Creator. All of my work is incredibly rewarding because I am surrounded by team members with whom I have had the opportunity to build supportive friendships.

Having an impact on causes that are much bigger than me is my favorite part of these positions. I watch other public relations majors grow in their understanding and appreciation for the industry at PRSSA meetings. Hundreds of shelter animals find loving foster or forever homes following Rescue Paws events that I promote and help coordinate. The $1,500 I raised this year for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta contributed to our grand total of $1,032,572.23 compiled throughout our fundraising events that my graphics promoted. I create art to attract social media users to the talented writing of the Rouge Magazine staff who share their love for the fashion industry.

Between my positions, classes, friends, travels, and sorority, I have learned to balance my work. I never fail to meet overlapping deadlines because I am an effective planner and organizer. Tried and true, I always have my digital planner open along with my handwritten daily notebook to hold myself accountable in multiple formats. The idea of balancing a plethora of different assignments and clients each day is the excitement that drew me to public relations in the first place.

Rescue Paws Event

More Facts

I am a third-year student!

  • Birthday: 10 September 2002
  • Hometown: Randolph, New Jersey
  • Graduation: May 2024
  • Major: Public Relations
  • Minor: Fashion Merchandising
  • Certificate: New Media
  • Portfolio:Click here!

I have experience with running social media accounts as well as creating the content for them. My public relations experience comes from my Public Relations Communication course where I learned how to properly write press releases, blogs and pitches, create media lists, and perform diligent client research. My PR project on Ciné can be viewed on my portfolio under "Classwork".


Here's what I can do!

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap; used to code this very webpage!
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
Microsoft Office Suite
AP Style
Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking

Specific Things that I Love!

(On top of being a student and aspiring professional, I am a human being! How cool!)




In September 2022, my friends and I traveled for one weekend to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. You only live once?


On the traveling note, I want to know the shade of blue that only exists outside of airplane windows for the rest of my life.


Literally any soup.


White bedsheets and comforters mixed with sheer cream or grey blinds, and the way the sun pours through them in the morning.

Sunrise window


In any form.


This is an excerpt from "The Lonely Hearts Hotel" (my favorite book to date). I may be my favorite author though. I love a pen and paper, and that I can write my own story in my journal every day.

Thank you!

I loved hearing about See.Spark.Go at the Open House. I had fun creating my social strategy and graphics for part 2. Any chance to be creative and get my mind going is greatly cherished. I am very proud to share my work with you all.